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February 13

Creating a –
bespoke engagement ring

November 30

Men’s wedding ring guide –
everything you need to know

October 28

Buying an engagement ring –
rules were made to be broken

September 06

To me, from me – jewellery perfect for

September 02

Self-gifting: why buying
yourself jewellery feels great!

August 03

Everything you need to know about
salt and pepper diamonds

July 01

5 unique ways to
customise your engagement ring

February 15

Choosing a wedding ring
to suit you!

Wedding rings have stood the test of time and are a symbol of commitment but choosing one is not always easy. Here we’ll take a look at which styles could look great with your engagement ring.

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January 15

Are lab grown diamonds a
girls new best friend?

I’ve answered the five most frequently asked questions I receive from my customers about lab grown diamonds, and why I think they are so exciting!

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