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Creating a -
bespoke engagement ring

February 13

Bespoke jewellery is becoming more and more popular, with many couples now opting for tailor made engagement rings. The beauty of a completely bespoke design is that the recipient has a piece that could only ever be theirs. At Rosie Clayden jewellery we love to work on hand-crafted, custom-made pieces because of the level of creativity that comes along with them. I will guide you through the process of creating a bespoke engagement ring, and how we can work together to turn your vision into a delicate, shining reality.

engagemnt ring in box

The Consultation Meeting

The first step to creating a bespoke engagement ring is to set up a meeting where we can get to know one another, explore your ideas and view my jewellery collection. It is also an opportunity for me to offer guidance based on your inspiration, ensuring we are working to your budget. The meeting involves finding out about any design features you would like to be included, what kind of stones you think you might want, and which materials I will use in your bespoke piece. You will leave the consultation feeling that your special ring design is in safe, experienced hands that fully understand your brief.

materials for bespoke jewellery commisions

Sourcing Gemstones

I will work on sourcing a range of stones for your bespoke engagement ring, and we can spend some time together (either at my studio or via video call) choosing the perfect little treasures for the piece. We can play with colour combinations, different sizes and various shapes and cuts until it looks and feels perfect for you.

creating a bespoke ring

Design Confirmation

Now we have built the beginnings of a fully bespoke engagement ring, from the materials to the gemstones, settings and finishes. Once we have finished designing your unique piece I can arrange for a 3D CAD drawing of the ring to be created at an additional cost if you would like. At this point you have a final opportunity to suggest any alterations, before we get to work creating your one-of-a-kind ring. Below you can see an example of a hand painted design and also a 3D computer-aided design.

The Making Process

We make every piece here in the UK using a mixture of artisan jewellery making techniques and state of the art processes. We craft delicate designs on a small scale, creating magic in miniature. This is why it’s so important to have your design fully finalised before work begins, as each bespoke ring is tailor made from start to finish. Throughout the process of your commission I will keep you up to date with progress, the timeline and each detail of the making. Watching your custom jewellery come to life is such a special and fulfilling thing.

Delivery or Collection

Finally, the most exciting part of the process – receiving your ring. Upon completion of the piece I will issue a final invoice, and once paid your item will be delivered to you or kept safely here at my studio for collection. Each ring is delivered in a beautiful box and comes with its valuation document.

Choosing a unique engagement ring that is as special as your partner can feel daunting, which is why I’m here to help you craft this beautiful expression of your love from beginning to end. I know how important it is to get it just right, so if you’re ready to take that first step and book a consultation call, get in touch. I can’t wait to see what we will create together.

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