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My Jewellery

My work is made on a very small scale by hand and with love. When you purchase a piece of Rosie Clayden Jewellery (a ring, necklace or earrings) it is an investment for yourself and future generations. Every jeweller has their own style. For me, it’s dainty, elegant pieces that focus on the quality and ethical nature of the materials used.

I’ve been making jewellery for 7 years and the thing I love most about my job is meeting my customers and getting to know them through the process of making a special piece of jewellery. There are so many rewards but I would say receiving photos of newly engaged customers beaming with joy and knowing that you’ve been a part of their journey is top of the list.

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Delicate and dainty designs

There’s something magical about working on a very small scale and with such precious materials. I enjoy focusing on the fine details when making my jewellery and I take the time to ensure the quality of each piece is of the highest standard. The jewellery I make has a dainty and fine nature and this came from not being able to find exactly what I would want to wear myself.

Elegant engagement rings

I love to create elegant engagement rings that will stand the test of time. Often the designs are classic but might feature unique or unusual stones which adds a modern twist. The finesse and dainty nature of my work adds to the elegance of each piece. 

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Wedding rings for men and women

Choosing your wedding rings should be exciting and I am here to guide you through this process whether you’re looking for something plain and simple or for some added sparkle next to your engagement ring. 

Recently I put together a men’s wedding band guide which explains the different options and illustrates how each of these would look. You can also arrange a consultation to come into the studio and try on some examples before making a final decision.  

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Custom commissions

If you would prefer to personally select your exact gemstone, or if you have a specific idea in mind, we can work together on a custom commission to bring your unique and special piece to life. I would ask that you choose one of my existing designs as a starting point. There are so many ways in which you can customise a piece of jewellery. The materials used, the style of the setting, the stone choice and the finish on the ring all play a part in representing the wearer as an individual. Every bespoke commission is different, each typically taking 8-10 weeks to complete. 

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