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ethical gemstones

I hand select each and every gemstone I work with. During this quality control I am not looking for the most perfect gemstones but stones with character that are full of ‘life’. I enjoy working with unusual and unconventional stones such as salt and pepper diamonds, parti-sapphires and more recently, laboratory grown diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds

A rise in the ethical consumer shows that people are taking more consideration in the purchases they make, and that includes their jewellery. As an independent business, I strive to be as eco aware as possible. I have seen a rise in laboratory grown diamonds and this is exciting because it’s an area I have been exploring.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Salt and pepper diamonds are unique and utterly mesmerising. The natural flaws occur within these diamonds as they form deep underground. The flaws can appear as black and white speckles, flecks or tiny dots. These inclusions make the diamond look like it’s been sprinkled with salt and pepper and they usually have a grey tone but come in many different shades. What’s special about these gemstones is that each and every one is completely unique. They are also not as pricey as white diamonds so you can often get a larger stone for your money. They make a great alternative to a traditional white diamond as they are unusual but still have that sparkle factor!


Sapphires are a great option to use as they are the second hardest gemstone after a diamond. They are durable and can last a lifetime and beyond if looked after. What’s so exciting about sapphires is that they come in almost every colour of the rainbow. You can even get parti-sapphires which display two or three colours and these are usually blue, green and yellow. These sapphires are very unique and impossible to replicate making them truly one of a kind.

Other gemstones

I also love to work with a variety of other gemstones including tourmaline, morganite, alexandrite and many more. If you would like to customise one of the rings on my website by choosing your own gemstone or you are looking for something specific then please get in touch.

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