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Wedding rings
for brides and grooms

I love to create beautiful wedding and commitment rings for both brides and grooms. Wedding rings have stood the test of time and are a symbol of commitment but choosing one is not always easy. I can guide you through the process of choosing your wedding ring whether you are looking for something classic and simple or something to add a little sparkle. There are many ways in which you can customise your wedding ring to make it even more personal such as choosing an engraving for the inside. This could be a special date, your partner’s name, a short sentiment or even a symbol.

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Dainty Designs

The ladies wedding rings I make are dainty and match the profiles of the engagement rings I make so that they look just right together. You can choose to keep your wedding ring plain and simple or embellished with beautiful gemstones or diamonds. The dainty nature of the rings also makes them ideal for stacking and allows you to add to your set over time. For example, you may choose to wear an eternity ring later on. Wedding band stacks are becoming increasingly popular as it gives you the opportunity to switch your rings around creating different looks for different occasions.

My collection of wedding rings

I designed the women’s wedding ring collection to sit beautifully against the engagement rings I make. You can choose from lots of different styles and each wedding ring will create a different look. This gives you the opportunity to choose a style you feel reflects your personality while either jazzing up or subtly nestling next to your engagement ring.¬†

My collection of wedding ring styles is ever growing and the designs work well against many different engagement ring styles. Many of the designs also work well on their own, giving you the option to wear it alone. If you would like to try some on before making a decision please get in touch.

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