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Hello! I’m Rosie, a Brighton-based jeweller specialising in elegant and ethical jewellery designs. I carefully create dainty pieces including fine engagement and wedding rings, made with Fairtrade gold and handpicked gemstones and diamonds.

My background in design and jewellery making

Jewellery is a special medium to me because so much is packed into so little. It’s this magic in the miniature that made me fall in love with jewellery when studying 3D Design & Craft at Brighton University. Following on from this, I was lucky enough to cut my teeth at one of the finest bespoke jewellers here in Brighton. My skills were nurtured and I was able to explore different ways of making. 

Being able to imbue so much meaning into a fine object is something I’ll never get tired of, and I love to create handmade, intricate pieces of jewellery to be treasured and passed down from generation to generation. Every single detail has to be just right; from the materials to the process to the design to the finished product, it all has to be curated and crafted with conscience and the utmost care.

I handpick every gemstone to ensure it’s the right one, making my selection based on the stones with the most unique character to reflect yours. Each stone tells its own story via its brilliant intricacies and rarities, simultaneous perfections and imperfections, and it’s a privilege to find the right one for your jewellery design.

About my pieces

Pieces of fine jewellery are often a marker of a pivotal and important time, moment, or feeling (or all 3!), so it’s crucial that they represent you. Seeing your photos of proposals and engagements are my favourite thing – I love to see the designs where they belong, and the joy that they’ve brought!

Where to find me

My jewellery studio space is based in Brighton, a bustling creative place renowned for its natural beauty and vibrant social environment. When I’m not in the studio I can usually be found walking our dog Dill, spending time at our allotment or on the beach with friends.

opening diamond ring
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